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Central Park South New York - Walking in NYC, A startling, unimaginable walk!

59th Street in Manhattan, people know that of course there is such a street in Manhattan. Doudou, a New Yorker, knows that Manhattan has the 59th Bridge, but it is not a household name and everyone knows it, so 59th Street is not famous. In fact, this obscure 59th Street is embedded with New Yorkers, and it is a middle street with a length of only 800 meters from east to west. Her name is Central Park South. The reason is that she is located at the southern end of Central Park. It becomes the southern boundary of Central Park, three blocks between Columbus Circle and Grand Army Plaza. The street is mostly continuous, except between 9th Avenue/Columbus Avenue and Columbus Circle, where the Time Warner Center is located. While Central Park South is a two-way street, much of 59th Street is one-way traffic. 59th Street is the border between Midtown Manhattan and Upper Manhattan. This line is only 0.8 kilometers long, although it is not as loud as the fifty-seventh street on Billionaire St


从37大道沿着联合街、桑福德大道行进,最后在法拉盛的缅街和38大道, 2022春节大游行终于在2月5日进行和圆满结束。 不难发现,从上到下,各级政治玩家各领风骚,幽默百态,都聚焦在这一盛事。 他们,特别是年久的玩家们,即使骨质枯空,毫无行走之力,即使拉不出屎来,也要赖着不动!